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Papugami's Tiki Bar

Enjoy our Tiki Mixology in the middle of the Jungle of Manuel Antonio. For the love of a Polish song, Macaws & Tropical Drinks, we are "Papugami Tiki Bar"

Tiki Cocktails

Jungle Bird image

Jungle Bird

Dark Rum - Campari - PineApple Juice - Lime - Demarara

Surfer On Acid image

Surfer On Acid

Jägermeister - Malibu - Gold schlager - Pineapple Juice - Lime - Orgeat

Blue Hawaiian  image

Blue Hawaiian

Dark Rum - Blue Curacao - Malibu - Pineapple Juice - Lime - Coconut Cream

Piña Colada image

Piña Colada

Dark Rum - White Rum- Malibu - Pineapple Juice - Coconut Cream

Hypnotic Hurricane image

Hypnotic Hurricane

Hypnotic - White Rum - Pineapple - Lime - Maracuya Syrup

Manuel Antonio Club image

Manuel Antonio Club

Drambui - Fernet - Triple Sec - Pineapple - Lime - Sparkling

Mai-Thai image


Dark Rum - Triple Sec - Lime - Orgeat

Japanese Midori Splice image

Japanese Midori Splice

Japanese Love Melon Gifting. This Cocktail represents the spirit of A Samurai with the heart of a Melon.

StrawBerryFields image


Fakalamakala image


Centenario 7 - Kraken - Captain Morgan - Brimbrulee - Graipfruit pop

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